Pollès working on his pattended machine that cuts styrophome for
casting of sculptures up to 15 feet tall.




Completed in about 1995 after 5 years of his work after taking a block of marble acquired from the same foundry where Michelangelo took the marble for The David, Nathanael is Pollès' most monumental sculpture, his only large marble - there are a few smaller ones - and one of his few male images. The bulk of his work is female, in his unique cubist form. Nathanael's phallus, it has been "observed" by Donald Weiss, represents the "anti space" of the feminine symbol of the "V" created in Leonardo Di Vinci's Last Supper.

Pollès is One of the World's Greatest Artists, Still Waiting to "be Discovered".

The highest price paid for his work was $1.7 million, to a Russian oligarch, of one of the 3 bronzes, all in a different patina. All patinas are made and applied by Pollès. All bronzes are created in his own foundry in his atelier, a 16th centrury olive press, in the hills south of Pietrasanta, Italy. He is the only major sculptor in the world who has his own foundry and does all of the foundry work himself, with assistants.



Pollès has been one of a select few who have been shown at the Bagatelle Gardens, others being Henry Moore and Arman.








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